In preparation for your presentation, we recommend that you:

  1. Read the article “How Software Entrepreneurs Can be Successful Presenters to Investors” by Ed Harley, Chair Emeritus of the Keiretsu Forum Software Committee
  2. View the video to the right from Nathan Gold, The Demo Coach, on “How To Pitch To Investors With 13 Slides In Under 10-Minutes”
  3. Review the Keiretsu Forum Due Diligence Handbook
  4. Read the article “Top Ten Tips of the Keiretsu-Funded Entrepreneur
  5. Read the white paper “Company Value Drives the Value of Founders’ Stock” co-authored by Tom Bondi, Principal with Berger Lewis Accountancy Corporation and Keiretsu Forum Silicon Valley Forum Resource Member since 2004
  6. Review the Application & Presentation FAQ


Robert Neville

Robert Neville

CEO, Savara Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

“Keiretsu Forum takes a disciplined and comprehensive approach to deal screening and due diligence for their investors. Their process allows companies to access a large group of sophisticated investors while allowing Keiretsu members to access quality deals. The enthusiasm that Savara received has been tremendous, allowing us to proceed with a Phase II clinical trial in MRSA infected cystic fibrosis patients without the need for VC funding! As of October 2012 and with Keiretsu Forum’s 15 chapters taking the lead, Savara raised a little over $5m.” October 2012


Linda Jenkinson

Linda Jenkinson

CEO, LesConcierges

“In just a few days’ worth of presentations, I was able to connect with hundreds of Keiretsu Forum’s qualified, well-connected, and helpful angel investors. Keiretsu Forum provides the world’s most efficient process for a company to raise the capital needed to take it to the next level, and I am proud to be both a member and the CEO of one of their portfolio companies.” November 2007

Adam Fountain

Adam J. Fountain – Principal, Pyatt Broadmark Management, LLC

“Our relationship with Keiretsu Forum and its members began shortly after we launched our Pacific Northwest based real estate lending fund in 2010. We originally presented to the Pacific Northwest chapter and have since been invited to present to a number of other chapters and regional Angel Expos. On each occasion, we met potential investors, many of whom ultimately invested in our fund. As of August, 2014, we will have raised roughly $10M from Keiretsu related parties. Having returned over 11% annualized since inception to our investors, we believe that the trust Keiretsu members have placed in Pyatt Broadmark Management is well founded. We have a high level of respect for Keiretsu Forum’s effectiveness in connecting angel investors to investment opportunities. Based on our experience and success, I would recommend Keiretsu Forum to any management team considering raising capital from angel investors. I would be more than happy to share our experiences with Keiretsu Forum and can be contacted via our website at www.broadmark.comSeptember 2014


Martin Stever

Martin Stever – President, Pacific West Land, LLC

“In bringing together accredited investors and investment opportunities, Keiretsu Forum has established a time management win-win. Focused meetings that give a few companies substantial presentation time, the questions raised by a smart group of professionals with widely varying backgrounds, and a due diligence collaboration system create a winning combination for investors. Keiretsu Forum differentiates itself from many investor groups in that its members really do invest rather than just talk about it. Exposure to the large active membership is very efficient for those firms invited to present. It has been of huge value to Pacific West Land.” March 2013

Costin Tuculescu

Costin Tuculescu

Founder & CEO, AnyMeeting, Inc.

“Working with Keiretsu has been a phenomenal experience for AnyMeeting.  Tapping into the robust network of investors that are involved with Keiretsu Forum allows a company to quickly make progress fundraising, or learn that they’ve got some more work to do.  A part of our success with Keiretsu came from understanding their unique model, which allows multiple chapters to leverage the due diligence completed by another chapter, expediting the traditional angel investment process.  With investments from the Southern California, Bay Area, Northwest, and now Istanbul chapter, AnyMeeting is proud to be a Keiretsu Forum success story.” January 2013


Dave Dingott

CEO, Sword Diagnostics

“I’ve really enjoyed participating again at the Expo and being able to share the great progress Sword made since the last event. The Expo has represented a great event to not only meet investors, but it also has been a great place to meet potential partners and network to resources that will help make us successful.” November 2012