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About the Andalucía Chapter

Keiretsu Forum is proud to announce the launch of our 32nd global chapter in Andalucía. In addition to Barcelona, Madrid and Donostia/San Sebastián, this is Keiretsu Forum’s fourth chapter in Spain. In recent years, Andalucía’s growth of community especially in the sectors of industry and services was above average in Spain and higher than many communities in the Eurozone [*]. The rich culture and growing economy of Andalucía offer a wonderful array of innovation and network opportunities for Keiretsu Forum.

Keiretsu Forum Spain provides its members with a platform to interact and find investment opportunities in companies with high growth potential in all sectors (technology, clean energy, health sciences, consumer products and other).

In Spain, Keiretsu Forum enjoys the support of key organizations in the Spanish investor, entrepreneur and academic ecosystem.

Andalucía Team

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Clara Ortiz
Marketing Director
Keiretsu Forum Spain
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Miguel Costa
CEO Keiretsu Forum Spain
Keiretsu Forum Barcelona & Andaluciá
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