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About the Beijing Chapter

The Keiretsu Forum China region formed in 2006 and is comprised of the Beijing and Shanghai chapters. The Beijing chapter was launched in November 2006 and was the first international chapter established outside of the United States. Keiretsu Forum China enjoys close synergies with the global Keiretsu Forum angel investment network.

Keiretsu Forum China is willing to assist Keiretsu Forum members globally for the purpose of entering the Chinese market by providing the following services:

  1. Consultation on expansion to the Chinese market
  2. Search of business partners and investment projects
  3. Assist with set up of offices in China, company registration, patent and copyright applications
  4. Management consultation and management training
  5. Unique localized services to take advantage of the favorable policies and capital the Chinese government has made available for the development of small and medium sized enterprises and technology sectors.

Information regarding Keiretsu Forum Beijing and Shanghai should be directed to Randy Williams, Founder & CEO until further notice.  He can be reached at

Beijing Team