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About the East Bay Chapter

The Keiretsu Forum Northern California region formed in 2000 and is comprised of the East Bay, San Francisco/North Bay, and Silicon Valley chapters. The East Bay chapter was launched in September 2000 by Randy Williams and is the founding chapter of Keiretsu Forum. It enjoys close synergies with the regional and global Keiretsu Forum angel investment network.

The Northern California region has 300 members. As of December 2013, the members of Keiretsu Forum Northern California have invested $317m in 355 ventures.

Contact Information

The Keiretsu Forum East Bay meetings are held at:

Orinda Country Club
Fairway Lounge
315 Camino Sobrante
Orinda, CA, 94304

Office Address Mailing Address
44 Tehama Street
San Francisco, CA 94104
268 Bush Street #3338
San Francisco, CA 94104

East Bay Team

Randy williams5 115x142
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Randy Williams
Founder & CEO
Keiretsu Forum
(415) 493-9875
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Carla Selby
Director, Membership & Finance
Keiretsu Forum Northern California Region
(415) 573-0753
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Lauren Anderson
Entrepreneur Director
Keiretsu Forum Northern California Region
(415) 573-0755
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Kate Murphy
Keiretsu Forum Northern California Region