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About the Orange County Chapter

Keiretsu Forum Orange County was formed in 2005 and joined with San Diego, Los Angeles and Westlake Village to create the Southern California Region of Keiretsu Forum in 2006.  Within the region you get both localized and specialized venues.  You can network/participate where you’re comfortable, in your own backyard, or go where the action is for your interest/expertise.  There’s also the draw of an international network of investors that expand access as far as it needs to be for your benefit.

Our founding team of angel investor members, along with our partners and sponsors, are committed to growing the community of investors who are interested in funding entrepreneurial opportunities and providing valuable resources for their growth.

Our members have the option of investing individually or working within a group of investors who wish to combine the efforts of due diligence and negotiating terms for the investment.

Our goal….. To grow our community of investors  by providing an international platform to showcase the most promising opportunities, ultimately creating the right environment, a Keiretsu, for everyone’s potential success with ROI.

Meeting Location

Keiretsu Forum Orange County holds its Forum meetings at the Orange County Host Sponsor:

Stradling Attorneys at Law
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660 Newport Center Drive, Suite 1600

Newport Beach, CA, 92660, United States

Orange County Team

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Connie Koch Harrell
Regional President
Keiretsu Forum SoCal Region
(949) 899-4849