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About the Seattle Chapter

The Keiretsu Forum Northwest region formed in 2005 and is comprised of the Boise, Kirkland-Eastside, Portland, Seattle, Spokane-Inland, Tacoma-South Puget Sound, and Vancouver chapters. Keiretsu Forum Seattle launched in September 2005 and is the founding chapter of the Keiretsu Forum Northwest region. It enjoys close synergies with the regional and global Keiretsu Forum angel investment network.

Our members possess and share diverse industry expertise, from software, telecommunications and life sciences to retail and information technology.  Our goal is to fund great companies.

Thus far the Keiretsu Forum Northwest region has collectively funded over 300 companies and has invested a total amount of over $192 million.

Meeting Location

Keiretsu Forum Seattle holds its Forum meetings at:

RBC Wealth Management Building
Puget Sound Conference Room
1918 8th Avenue
Seattle, WA 98101

Seattle Team

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Jeff Hayton
Membership & Finance Director
Keiretsu Forum Northwest Region
(360) 630-9587
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Juan Arango
Entrepreneur Director
Keiretsu Forum Northwest Region
(206) 619-2636
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Vince Cavin
Marketing Director
Keiretsu Forum Northwest
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Xoe Heeney
Events Director
Keiretsu Forum Northwest
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Robert Jaeger
Due Diligence Director
Keiretsu Forum Northwest
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Meg Enderby
Executive Director
Keiretsu Forum Northwest
(206) 336-5610