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About the Seoul Chapter

Situated on the Han River, Seoul’s history stretches back more than two thousand years.  The city was founded in 18 BCE by Baekje, as one of the Three Kingdoms of Korea.

Today, Seoul is considered a leading and rising global city, resulting from the economic boom called the Miracle on the Han River that transformed it to the world’s 4th largest metropolitan economy after Tokyo, New York City, and Los Angeles. In 2015, Seoul was rated Asia's most livable city with the second highest quality globally.

Seoul offers tremendous opportunities for entrepreneurs to expand their markets with channel partners and customers in Korea and the US.

Seoul is the world's most wired city. and  was ranked first in technology readiness by PwC’s Cities of Opportunity report  It is home to over half of all South Koreans and  almost 700,000 international residents.

As a global leading technology hub, the Seoul Capital Area boasts 15 Fortune Global 500 companies such as Samsung, the world’s largest technology company, LG (formerly Lucky-Goldstar), and Hyundai-Kia.“Seoul is ranked 6th in the Global Power City Index, and Global Financial Centers Index.   The city exerts a major influence in global affairs as one of the 5 leading hosts of global conferences.


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Seoul Team

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Namho Chung
Chapter President
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Danae M K Son
Entrepreneur Director
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Don Shin
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