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Aside from consistently placing among the top ten cities to live and work in the world, Toronto is the economic and financial center of Canada. The city hosts the headquarters of some of the most stable banks in the world, making Canada a ‘safe haven’ in the midst of epic financial volatility throughout the world. This auspicious distinction is not by accident – it reflects the traditionally risk averse, stable, and long-term ROI orientation of Canadian investors.

Toronto has another very unique advantage: with over 50% of the cities’ population born outside of Canada, it is one of the most multicultural places in the world. It is therefore not surprising to discover that the local investment community has a vibrant mélange of diversity, innovation, opportunities, and network to offer to the Keiretsu Forum.

Keiretsu Forum plays an important role in the Angel community in Toronto since we enable our members to participate in quality deals beyond their local reach on an international platform. Similarly, Keiretsu and its Canadian members represent a unique opportunity for international companies searching to access a strong clientele base.

Keiretsu Forum Toronto aims to work with accredited investor members, entrepreneurs, government organizations, existing angel platforms, venture capital firms, universities, and the wider investment community to continuously address the various challenges and opportunities to build a more globally competitive platform for Canadian companies.


We encourage you to join us at one of our Forum meetings and to contact Ozan Isinak, President of the Keiretsu Forum Toronto chapter to learn more about our exciting presence in this wonderful and vibrant city.

Keiretsu Forum Toronto Inc.
c/o Gowlings
100 King Street West. Suite 1600
Toronto, Ontario
M5X 1C7



Kevin Sterling

Chapter President - Toronto

Keiretsu Forum Central Canada

+1 (416) 262-7773


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Ozan Isinak

Region President

Keiretsu Forum Central Canada

+1 (416) 732-1346


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Kushbu Loyal

Entrepreneur Director

Keiretsu Forum Central Canada

(647) 385-2902


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Thomas Jensen

PakSense Chairman and CEO

The association that PakSense has enjoyed with the Keiretsu Forum has proved to be instrumental in our company’s growth. They have provided an environment for introductions, not only to investors, but also to business and industry experts, many of whom have stepped up to help our company in different ways.