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The Keiretsu Forum investment community is strengthened through education, as well as social and charitable activities. Keiretsu Forum fosters an entrepreneur ecosystem by providing resources, feedback, mentoring and expertise from members to start-up entrepreneurs.

The Keiretsu Forum programs and initiatives are led by members and sponsors. They are designed around the four fundamental pillars of Keiretsu Forum:

  1. Angel investing
  2. Providing resources and mentoring to entrepreneurs
  3. Education on angel investing for investors and entrepreneurs
  4. Community involvement through charitable and social activities


Angel Capital Expo

Angel Capital Expo is the premier gathering of the angel capital community bringing together investors and entrepreneurs looking for funding. Attendees include over 300 angel investors. The Expo features presentations from 20 high-quality, diverse investment opportunities. Angel Capital Expo was created to foster collaboration among angel groups, as well as reach out to the larger investment community.

Investor Education

The Keiretsu Forum Academy for Investors was created in August 2004 by and for our members. Its objective is to provide education to our members on private equity investing. Some of the previous topics of the Keiretsu Forum Investor Academy half-day sessions include: term sheets negotiation, financial due diligence for angels, pitfalls of angel investing, deal structuring, and early stage company valuations, to name a few.

Women Angels

In June 2007, Keiretsu Forum members established the Women Investing in and Supporting Entrepreneurs (WISE) committee to encourage increased involvement of women angel investors and entrepreneurs in the early stage venture eco-system. ”Most professional women are over-achievers competing in various businesses. For years, women were only too familiar with the concept of ‘angel.’ It’s time they added the word ‘investor‘ to it.” Judith Iglehart, Keiretsu Forum President for International Chapter Development & Operations

Entrepreneur Education

The Keiretsu Forum Entrepreneur Academy was created in May 2009 and provides first class course offerings taught by Keiretsu Forum members, sponsors, and seasoned industry executives in the critical elements of start-up companies’ business plan.

Charitable Giving

Keiretsu Forum supports the charitable causes in which Keiretsu Forum members are actively involved. Our goal is to facilitate, support and increase charitable giving among the members and friends of the Keiretsu Forum. 100% of the proceeds go to the selected non-profit organization. Charities must be IRS approved, non-profit 501(c)3 organizations.

Social Activities

Fellowship among the members is a cornerstone of our approach. It builds an environment of trust and it is the basis for the “Great Association” portion of our tag line. Fellowship is enhanced through countless fun activities for and by the members, such as boating, golf, tennis, hiking, skiing, wine tasting, and educational field trips, to name a few.