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Keiretsu Forum’s Angel Capital Expo is hosted twice a year at Microsoft in Mountain View, California. The Angel Capital Expo was created to bring together Keiretsu Forum members, as well as members of other angel groups around the Bay Area, and connect them with great companies.

We cordially invite you to attend our upcoming Angel Capital Expo on April 28, 2016.

For more information, please contact:
Carla Selby
Director, Membership & Finance
carla@keiretsuforum.com; (415) 573-0753.

Lauren Anderson
Director, Entrepreneur Relations
landerson@keiretsuforum.com; (415) 573-0755.


Angel Capital Expo is the premier gathering of the angel capital community and was created to foster collaboration among angel groups, as well as reach out to the larger investment community. Attendees include over 300 angel investors. If you would like to attend, please register online. For more information, contact Carla Selby, Membership and Finance Director, at carla@keiretsuforum.com or call (415) 573-0753. Invitation is extended to accredited investors only.

Agenda – April 28, 2016

07:30am-08:30am Registration, Breakfast & Booth Exhibitors
08:30am-08:35am Opening Remarks: Randy Williams
08:35am-08:45am Welcome Global Keiretsu Forum Team
08:45am-09:00am Angel Capital Expo Sponsor Introductions
09:00am-10:15am Block I Presentations
10:15am-11:00am Break & Booth Exhibitors
11:00am-12:30pm Block II Presentations
12:30pm-01:25pm Lunch & Booth Exhibitors
01:25pm-01:30pm Raffle Drawing
01:30pm-03:00pm Block III Presentations
03:00pm-03:30pm Guest Speaker
03:30pm-03:45pm Closing Remarks
03:45pm-05:00pm Reception, Networking and Adjourn


Angel Capital Expo features 15-18 high-quality, diverse investment opportunities in technology, healthcare/life sciences, consumer products, real estate, and funds. Companies that apply to Keiretsu Forum are typically in their A or B rounds having already secured initial funding of $500k to $2 million from founders, friends, family, and individual angels.

To apply to present at the Angel Capital Expo, please complete the online application and contact Lauren Anderson, Entrepreneur Director, at landerson@keiretsuforum.com or call (415) 573-0755. Keiretsu Forum is a global angel investment network and welcomes submissions from international companies.

All presenters will be pre-screened via teleconference by a select committee of Keiretsu Forum members. Presentation coaching will be provided to companies selected to present. Each entrepreneur will make an on-stage presentation and will be available for additional discussion and due diligence at their exhibitor booth throughout the day.


If you are interested in learning more about sponsorship and partner opportunities at the April 28th Angel Capital Expo, please contact Lauren Anderson at landerson@keiretsuforum.com

Adam Fountain

Adam J. Fountain – Principal, Pyatt Broadmark Management, LLC

“Our relationship with Keiretsu Forum and its members began shortly after we launched our Pacific Northwest based real estate lending fund in 2010. We originally presented to the Pacific Northwest chapter and have since been invited to present to a number of other chapters and regional Angel Expos. On each occasion, we met potential investors, many of whom ultimately invested in our fund. As of August, 2014, we will have raised roughly $10M from Keiretsu related parties. Having returned over 11% annualized since inception to our investors, we believe that the trust Keiretsu members have placed in Pyatt Broadmark Management is well founded. We have a high level of respect for Keiretsu Forum’s effectiveness in connecting angel investors to investment opportunities. Based on our experience and success, I would recommend Keiretsu Forum to any management team considering raising capital from angel investors. I would be more than happy to share our experiences with Keiretsu Forum and can be contacted via our website at www.broadmark.comSeptember 2014


David Dingott – CEO, Sword Diagnostics

“I’ve really enjoyed participating again at the Expo and being able to share the great progress Sword made since the last event. The Expo has represented a great event to not only meet investors, but it also has been a great place to meet potential partners and network to resources that will help make us successful.” November 2012

Burt Hamner – CEO, Hydrovolts

“Prior to the Expo, we presented to Keiretsu Forum Seattle/Northwest. The Keiretsu Forum network is exceptionally efficient and reflects the power of angel investing. We are honored to be distinguished among such a high caliber group of presenters and qualified investors.” Winner, November 2011 Expo ”Most Valued Company”

Sheryl O’Loughlin – CEO, Nest Collective

“The Keiretsu Forum Angel Capital Expo provided us with an unmatched opportunity to meet and connect with hundreds of top-notch investors. I am confident that we can build on the momentum generated from the Angel Capital Expo and grow Nest Collective into a thriving business.” Winner, May 2009 Expo “Most Valued Company”

Abir Qamhiyah – Founder and CEO, iSeek Corp.

“The Keiretsu Forum network is exceptionally efficient and reflects the power of angel investing. We are honored to be distinguished among such a high caliber group of presenters and qualified investors.” Winner, November 2008 Expo “Most Valued Company”

Sid Krommenhoek – Co-founder, Zinch, Inc.

“This was our first time presenting to the Keiretsu Forum. The event was exceptionally efficient and very well attended. Keiretsu Forum’s Angel Capital Expo is by far the best vehicle to fuel a start-up entrepreneur’s fire by bringing together such a dynamic group of qualified investors. We are honored to be distinguished among such a high caliber group of presenters and investors.” Winner, May 2008 Expo “Most Valued Company”

Pascal Stolz – CEO, Alerts.com

It is such a tribute for our young company to be recognized and honored by my peers and fellow Keiretsu Forum members as one of the Most Valued Companies at the Angel Capital Expo. Alerts.com is only five months old and is the earliest stage company to ever win this award. Well-run, high quality events like the Angel Capital Expo make me proud to be both a Keiretsu Forum member and presenting entrepreneur.” Runner-up, May 2008 Expo “Most Valued Company”

Chris Romine – CEO, S.two

“I never understood the true power and benefit of an organized, institutional angel investment network until I came to Keiretsu Forum and presented at the Angel Capital Expo. Keiretsu Forum truly understands the value of an entrepreneur’s time and has created the most efficient and effective way for an early stage start-up company to raise the capital necessary to take their company to the next level.” Winner, November 2007 Expo “Most Valued Company”

Victor Kucek – CEO, TIXEM, Inc.

“I was blown away by both the quantity and quality of the angel investors in the room. Angel Capital Expo surpassed our expectations and provided us with unprecedented access to hundreds of investors in our target range all at once. It would have taken months of travel and tens of thousands of dollars to meet with that many high-quality investors individually. There’s nothing else like it in the country or even in the world. In addition to connecting with sources of capital, the connections, referrals, and support offered by the Keiretsu Forum community were especially helpful. Many of the Keiretsu Forum members are former entrepreneurs themselves, and they freely offer their wisdom about what it takes to build a successful business from the ground up.” Runner-up, November 2007 Expo “Most Valued Company”

James O’ Leonard – CEO, PEAK 15

“Building a company is a journey, and Keiretsu Forum is the ultimate guide. The level of attendance, excitement, and the tremendous quality of the questions being asked all reflect the high quality of the Keiretsu Forum process. Keiretsu Forum Angel Capital Expo is the premier angel capital fundraising event, and I cannot say enough about the benefits of the resources Keiretsu Forum provides.” Runner-up, November 2007 Expo :Most Valued Company”