Definition of Keiretsu Forum Member

Membership in the Keiretsu Forum is by invitation only and is extended to individuals who share our vision and will actively contribute to our process. Keiretsu Forum members are accredited investors as that term is defined in Regulation D under the 1933 Act and under other applicable securities laws and regulations. Complete the online investor application to start the membership application process.

A Keiretsu Forum member is:

  • An active private equity investor,
  • A trusted, honest and respected member of our business community,
  • A contributor of time, wisdom and experience to our funded companies and soon to be funded companies,
  • Someone who enjoys building relationships with other members and companies we fund.

Keiretsu Forum Member Benefits:

  • The membership has the opportunity to screen high quality, diverse investment opportunities at the monthly deal screening and Keiretsu Forum,
  • Expanded relationships built across industries that affect one another,
  • Members enjoy collaborative business and social relationships between different chapters,
  • Members have access to a broad network of successful entrepreneurs,
  • Active participation in the Keiretsu Forum committee system,
  • Wide range of social activities that strengthen and build trusted relationships.

We welcome angel investors who are interested in learning more about the benefits of Keiretsu Forum membership to attend a Keiretsu Forum meeting as a guest. For more information, contact Carla Silva, Membership & Finance Director, at or (415) 573-0753.

Marko Gargenta Headshot

Marko Gargenta, Keiretsu Forum Member

Marko Gargenta, Keiretsu Forum Member, 2014-present

I joined Keiretsu recently, after knowing some of its members for many years. For me, the biggest benefit is getting to learn about investing from other angels who have way more experience than I do.  There’s a lot of friction in finding and analyzing startup deals and I appreciate the relationships that make that process easier.

David Paul Headshot

David Paul, Keiretsu Forum Member

David Paul, Keiretsu Forum Member, 2014-present

I joined Keiretsu after a friend invited me to sit in on a meeting, and I love it.  My background is in corporate finance for manufacturing concerns, and I have worked with many companies that have seen rapid growth.  Now I leverage my expertise to advise small companies on how to set up an efficient infrastructure and to avoid major problems down the road.  With Keiretsu, I go to every deal screening and meeting I can – I’ve only missed one since I joined – because I find that that is how to best maximize the rewards from Keiretsu.  I have learned much from the other men and women in the room about what accredited investors can do to assist our nascent portfolio companies. 

Bob Novelli, Keiretsu Forum Member

“I joined Keiretsu shortly after selling a company myself, and I often say that we made every mistake we possibly could have. Keiretsu is a way to learn how to structure business deals, and as an individual investor it helps me to mitigate risk. I see two major benefits that I get from Keiretsu. The first is that being in the room full of industry experts,( from industries outside my own),  helps me to understand more about the company and its products than I would understand based upon my own experience.  I get to benefit from their expertise as I make my investments, which really helps to mitigate risk. The second is that the deal flow I get through Keiretsu is much greater than I could get on my own, and the companies that partner with Keiretsu are all resources that help when looking into different deals.

Bob Novelli, Keiretsu Forum Member, 2012-present