Keiretsu Forum Announces Women's Panel on Angel Investing

Keiretsu Forum Presents

A Women’s Guide to Angel Investing

Angel Investing 101!

Please join us for our two-event series that focuses on angel investing from a woman’s perspective. 

April 4th- Santa Cruz

April 5th- Monterey 

We understand even the smartest, most able women have questions about angel investing and entrepreneurship. We are here to answer your questions. 

Join Keiretsu Forum Women Chapter Presidents, Women Committee Chairs (Life Science, Due Diligence, Education, Social Impact Investing), and our Women Members as we discuss what women need to know about  getting  started as angels and about lowering the risk of  investments. Our female members will discuss their diverse backgrounds, initial interest in angel investing, challenges they have faced, and why they joined Keiretsu Forum. 


This  is a two- event series featuring four short panel presentations. The presentations will be followed by longer open mic Q&A sessions. 

Each panel will have four Keiretsu Forum women angel investors. Our female angel investors will cover a multitude of relevant topics including:

  1. Why Angel Investing
  2. I am a New Angel Investor
  3. Investing with my Significant Other
  4. Due Diligence, How it Lowers the Risk of Investment

If you can  join us, that would be grand.

Event Details:

April 4, 2017 in Santa Cruz at the Hotel Paradox  from 7-9:30 pm

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April 5, 2017 in Monterey at the CSU Monterey Bay from 9:30am -12pm

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This event is sponsored by Keiretsu Forum Pebble Beach,  Keiretsu Forum Global, and CSUMB.  


If you have any additional questions please contact