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About the Bangalore Chapter

Keiretsu Forum is proud to announce Bangalore as the 37th chapter in its global network, and the second chapter in India, following Chennai.

Known as the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore has a young culture, a very professional work ethic and a large pool of talent that has global experience and exposure, aspects that make Bengaluru, as the city is officially known, mimic Silicon Valley in many ways.

Bangalore attracts talent from all parts of the country and is home to some of the finest technological and management institutions like the Indian Institute of Science and the Indian Institute of Management, which not only produce top-notch graduates but also facilitate cutting-edge research in their respective fields.

With the biggest concentration of multi-national companies operating in India and home to some of India’s own best known MNCs, Bangalore has emerged as the start-up capital of the country and has been the only Indian city to be consistently featured among the top start-up destinations in the world.

Historically a multicultural city, Bangalore experienced dramatic social and cultural change with economic liberalization and the rapid growth of information technology and business process outsourcing industries in India. Companies in Bangalore employ more than 35% of India’s IT professionals.

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Bangalore Team

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Denny Kurien
Chapter President & CEO
Keiretsu Forum Delhi-NCR & Bangalore
+91 (953) 512-9646
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Robin Bisarya
Keiretsu Forum Delhi-NCR & Bangalore
(323) 540-4521
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Shreyas Chandra
Director - Deal Flow
Keiretsu Forum Delhi-NCR & Bangalore
+91 (968) 627-8008
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Jugjiv Singh
Keiretsu Forum Delhi-NCR & Bangalore
+91 (981) 008-0588
Unnamed 6
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Arya Dutta
Investment Associate
Keiretsu Forum Delhi-NCR & Bangalore
+(91) 84477 64884
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Vir Chopra
Investment Lead – Funds & Family Offices
Keiretsu Forum Delhi-NCR & Bangalore
+91 (991) 091-0213