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About the London (England) Chapter

Keiretsu Forum London launched in April 2008 and enjoys close synergies with Keiretsu Forum Paris and the global Keiretsu Forum angel investment network. Keiretsu Forum London is active in the local investment and entrepreneur community, creating bridges with universities and associations, and being partner with Cisco on an exciting initiative – the International Investment Forum.

Due to the close-knit Keiretsu Forum global chapter structure, participating in Keiretsu Forum London provides investors with an unprecedented international opportunity for reciprocal deal flow between Europe, North America, and China.

Our structured process supports your investment decision-making. Specifically, we:

  • Screen a large number of candidates (usually 30+) before each meeting in order to select the best companies to show our members. We utilize industry experts within the global Keiretsu network for company sourcing and evaluation.
  • Coordinate a rigorous due diligence process for investors interested in a given company in order to identify risks, negotiate valuation and optimize funding parameters.
  • Contribute free coaching and education to entrepreneurs in order to support development of their projects.

Our extensive international network of capital, resources and deal flow creates unique investment choices for you. Specifically, we:

  • Select top companies from local sources as well as our global network. Members can invest in key deals with other Keiretsu members worldwide.
  • Assist non-US companies looking to enter the US market, thereby increasing the potential for a high return on investment.
  • Host regular International Investment Forums, using Cisco telepresence technology, where investors and companies from multiple countries interact virtually in meetings

Our diversity of investment opportunities means you’ll find companies that match your interests. Specifically, we:

  • Present the best opportunities regardless of industry (technology, life sciences, mobile, consumer products, clean tech, real estate, etc.)
  • Identify high potential candidates from early stage to post-revenue, depending upon member preferences.

Our select membership (by invitation only) provides key local contacts and enables you to participate in member events anywhere in the world. Specifically, we:

  • Offer a rich array of seminars, educational opportunities, and social events targeted towards members.
  • Provide unique personal networking opportunities, including high level international business introductions.

Our collaboration with other angel groups, investment forums, universities, and select corporations globally help you connect with experts worldwide. Specifically, we:

  • Maintain close associations with numerous top universities in several countries, as well as international working relationships with innovative companies such as Microsoft, Cisco, Reed Smith, and Google.

London (England) Team

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Randy Williams
Founder & CEO
Keiretsu Forum
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Adam Henderson
Director, International & Special Projects
Keiretsu Forum