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About the Madrid Chapter

The Keiretsu Forum Spain region formed in 2007 and is comprised of the Barcelona, Madrid, Donostia/San Sebastián and Andalucía chapters. The Madrid chapter was launched in 2009.

Keiretsu Forum Spain provides its members a platform to interact and find investment opportunities in companies with high growth potential in all sectors (technology, clean energy, health sciences, consumer products, and other). The members of the Barcelona and Madrid chapters have invested €5.1m in 33 innovative companies in the range of €100k to €1m.

In Spain, Keiretsu Forum enjoys the support of “La Caixa”, the Chambers of Commerce of Barcelona and Madrid, the legal firms Roca Junyent and Garrigues, the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Comunidad de Madrid, the Ministry of Industry, the Business Schools Eada and EOI, the Catalonian employer’s organization of small and medium enterprises (PIMEC), CEIM, Madrid Network, Engineers and Medical Professional Association, the Barcelona Stock Exchange, and other key organizations in the Spanish investor, entrepreneur, and academic ecosystem.

Madrid Team

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Miquel Costa
CEO Keiretsu Forum Spain
Keiretsu Forum Barcelona & Andaluciá
(932) 185-456
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Angel Sansegundo
Entrepreneurship Director
Keiretsu Forum Madrid
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Fernando Moroy
Keiretsu Forum Madrid
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Adrián Caballero
Communications Director
Keiretsu Forum Spain
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Alejandro de Benito
Director of Communications
Keiretsu Forum Spain