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Keiretsu2 is here to serve two groups in two ways:  we both actively build best-of-breed investment opportunities with executives and, moreover, we reduce the risk of private-equity investing for investors.

Keiretsu2’s mission is “To Radically Accelerate A Company’s Path To Market Growth and Liquidity.”  We actively build best of breed investment opportunities, taking companies from high potential to rapid growth.  And, by doing so, we protect both Keiretsu Forum members and other investors.

We achieve this through three types of programs.  The material below covers specifics, team biographies, and the application process for each of the three.

Keiretsu2’s programs are open to all companies, including but not limited to Keiretsu Forum portfolio companies and applicants.

Creating Alignment Between Investors and Executive Team Members

We encourage both investors (on behalf of all of their portfolio companies) and executives to conduct a team alignment exercise using the Company Overview form for our K2 Velocity Program, downloadable here.  Once the executive team gathers with each other to review both each individual’s responses and their investors’ responses, new ways of looking at what might limit and expand growth will emerge.

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International Development and Market Entry Program

The K2 Velocity Program is a global program open to companies around the world. Additionally, we create programs designed specifically to enable executives from around the world to launch their products, and also new divisions of their companies, in the U.S. while they focus their time on running their companies abroad.

U.S. investors are more likely to invest in companies with either sales or operations in the U.S.  And, market acceptance from consumers in the U.S. often helps companies sell products in other countries.  Yet, it is extremely difficult for any executive team that is leading a young company to manage operations and growth in multiple countries concurrently.

Depending on the Participant’s objectives, Keiretsu’s customized and personalized international development programs incorporate and include the active participation of any, or all, of sales and business development executives, Specialists from among the K2 Velocity Program’s Team Members, and, San Francisco and Silicon Valley based attorneys.

Our approach will most always include using U.S. based sales, business development, and marketing specialists to secure sales, product distribution, alliances, and strategic partnerships in the U.S. market.  In some cases, it may be better to also launch subsidiaries or divisions of companies in the U.S. through the addition of seasoned and experienced U.S. based executives and lawyers.

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K2 Velocity Program

The three-month long K2 Velocity Program brings each Participant an interdisciplinary group of experts who work hands-on in a cohesive manner to both solve the challenges companies face and proactively address the problems they may eventually face.

The Program’s detailed schedule and structure is in the full Program Overview

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The Program is open to companies from around the world, through the use of teleconferencing and videoconferencing for meetings with Specialists.  Yet, local Participants can also meet with local Specialists in person.

Each participant’s senior executive team works sequentially with different types of Specialists.  Some Specialists work in sub-teams, so Participants benefit from the wisdom of several Specialists with experience in a specific specialty.  Moreover, the entire K2 Team of Specialists is in continuous dialogue about all Participants, passing specific directions about what actions other Specialists should take to assist Participants.

Concurrently, Specialists lead weekly, working conference calls that include all current Participants.  The content of each call is developed specifically for the Participants on the call, based on the content in the Company Overviews, the individual work in progress with each Company, and the recommendations of the other Specialists.  While some educational content may be covered, the bulk of the calls involve working on solutions for Participants’ specific situations.

The K2 Velocity Program is sequenced to increase each Specialist’s effectiveness with Participants.  The Team functions as a cohesive unit, yet each type of Specialist fulfills a specific element in maximizing the fulfillment of each Participant’s full potential.

An intangible part of what we do in the K2 Velocity Program is identifying and proactively addressing blind-spots.  This, along with the overall approach, produces changes in trajectory that come about quickly and can create non-linear growth.  The smartest, most experienced, most accomplished, and wealthiest entrepreneurs know that they cannot help but miss seeing options and alternatives when they are focused in on addressing immediate challenges.

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Management Team Program

Keiretsu2’s Management Team Program addresses two of the most critical needs faced by early stage companies: time bandwidth and the balance between expertise and capital.

Keiretsu2’s programs serve companies at many stages of development.  One of the most critical stages a company … and its investors … face together is the period between early revenue and cash flow positive operations, which usually corresponds to the period between Series A and Series C financings.

Though leadership at this stage is generally being pulled in multiple directions by multiple priorities, companies at this stage can only grow revenue faster than they deplete capital through leveraged and massive action guided by expertise and wisdom from solid executive teams.  What happens during this critical time affects a company’s valuation and a shareholder’s potential dilution when the time eventually comes for follow-on financings.  Yet, the cash available during this phase rarely supports the expense of a comprehensive and complete executive team.

Keiretsu2’s customized Management Team Program solves this paradox. Keiretsu2 brings full management teams with on-point expertise into companies to join founders and manage this race.  The team is supported by participation from various members of the Keiretsu2 Velocity Program Team, providing some or all of the expertise that companies might have to pay large retainers to obtain from companies that provide P.R., Branding, Legal, Marketing, and other services.  Collectively, we handle this stage and build the company to the point at which it can attract its permanent management team.

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Our Teams

Participants in Keiretsu2’s international and management programs receive the benefit of two sets of experts. These programs include both executives matched specifically to each Participant’s industry, market, and stage of development and, also, active participation from the team of Specialists that work through the K2 Velocity Program.

The K2 Velocity Program’s Team of Specialists includes the following and many more experts.

Lead Accelerator:

Michael Gralnick

Finance Acceleration Team 

Keiretsu Forum Members Selected Based on Industry Expertise

Sales Development Accelerators

George Ross

Robert Kim Wilson

Michael North

Lead Operational Management Accelerator

Theodore Lavoie

In partnership with Industry Specific Management Specialists Provided Through The Marin County Chapter of the COO Forum 

Human Capital Accelerator

Paul Herrerias

Strategy and Negotiations Accelerator

Robert Oppenheimer

Public Relations and Communications Accelerator:

Priss Benbow

Marketing Accelerators:

Anne Flanagan

Sarah Bond

Branding Accelerator:

Fred Barson

Product Commercialization Accelerator Team

Mike Keer and The Product Realization Group

Deal Structure and Resolution Accelerator

Michael Sebree

Donahue Fitzgerald, LLP

Technology Accelerator Team

Carl Wescott

Bill Bain

Derek Barnes

Elaine Zhou

Life Sciences, Biotechnology, and Medical Devices Accelerator

Christian Apfel

Applied Materials Sciences and Automation Accelerator 

Prabhu Soundarrajan

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The role each of these Team Members fulfills is detailed in the K2 Velocity Program Overview.

There is a common thread to everything Keiretsu2 does.  Keiretsu2 is a premier business accelerator that helps take business from high potential to rapid growth.  Yet, unlike traditional “accelerators,” our team of specialists and executives work hands-on with entrepreneurs, actively participating in building companies.  Unlike dealing with business “consultants,” participants benefit from an interdisciplinary, team approach to evaluating, transforming and building companies faster, smarter, and more profitably.  Keiretsu2 is a personalized accelerator that adapts its Programs to each Participant.  And, the Team Members for all of its Programs do not just support companies … they participate actively in taking companies from wherever they are to greatness.

Then, we bring-forth the power of the Keiretsu Forum’s global network of highly accomplished members and investors to open doors, complete the deals and transactions that help companies grow, and provide other resources that go far beyond just capital.

Contact Information:
Phone:      415-860-3223
Facsimile: 415-380-9797